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D.B. Funraising for your Players Fee

DB Fundraising For your Players Fees


    We continue to try to keep are cost down for players fees and team fees, with the rising cost of Tourneys and Club cost, we have a great option for our club. With Ken being able to host some big events, he has open up away to earn credit for teams to earn for extra money for there team, or give them a option of earning money for players fee. The money is and will be going directly towards your players fee for 2018, this is a great way to subtract your Players Fee.{If and we hope this is not the case, if you opt out of playing in a DB uniform in 2018, you will receive a pay for your time.

   On the form is times, to sign up for a Site Director for several Tournaments in the area, please take time to look this over, you will be compensated with the amount of time you put in, please review the charts posted on the form, and a pay format for you to follow.

Pay Chart

Work a 7hr or under shift you receive $9.00 per hour

Work a 8hr or more shift you receive $10.00 per hour

Work Thursday-Fri-Sat all day shifts receive $12 per hour.

Example: Walsh Univ. shift 10.5hrs, 10.5hrs,13hrs, = 34 x $12= $408.


Tournament To Work and Open Slots /Click and see what is open