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Hall of Fame Teams.

1996-2015 Dream Teams

I am very proud of the first 20 years, and all the players who have been apart of this great organization. The many questions, I get, is always about, who was the best players and teams, I have coached throughout the years. I have taken the time to give you the Top 3 Hall Of Fame Dream teams and the roster, I am sure I have missed some players, as it was very hard, to determine rankings, please understand this list, was a fun thing to do for me personally, and brought back, some great memories of the players and families, and all the great times. Please enjoy the list, and am hoping some of the players and families, reach out to me, and give me there best memories, so I can post on a brand new tab, called thanks for the memories!  Looking forward to creating the next Hall of Fame list which will run 2016-2026, enjoy and thanks guys for the memories!

                            Ken Wilson

Hall of Fame Players 1996-2016

Dream Team 1 College Position{s}
Mike Madsen Ohio St-Oakland Atheletics R.H.P.
Aaron Smigelski Ohio Univ P-SS
Chad Frk Illionois P-3.B.
Andy Weber Virgina 2.B.
Ross Kivett Kansas St - Detriot Tigers 2.B.-O.F.
Casey Wilson Kent St. S.S.-P
Brian Chad E.Mich- Mercy hurst L.H.P.
Nat Altstadt Alabama L.H.P.
Johhny Angelecchi Ohio Univ R.H.P.
Justin Jamison Texas Rangers R.H.P.
Pat Shedlock Cleve St. R.H.P-O.F.
Neil Butura Eastern Michigan R.H.P.-O.F.
Matt Pollack Buffalo M.INF
Kurt Davidson Akron Univ 1.B.-C
Dan Ward Ohio Univ 3.B.
Chris Niro Miami Univ O.F.-R.H.P.
Aaron Cain C.W.R.U. O.F.
Kenny Beemer Findlay O.F-P
Scott Monzeil W.Kentucky O.F.
Brandon Capien Houston Astros C-O.F.
James Toland Ohio Westlyn C

Hall of Fame Players 1996-2016

Dream Team 2 College Players
Evan Sanford Cincinnatti R.H.P.
Tyler Newhart Malone R.H.P.
Jesse Paciorek Ohio State L.H.P.
Eric Shaffer Akron L.H.P.
Josh Manis Wright St. R.H.P.
Brian Craft lakeland R.H.P.
Ryan Davis Kent St. L.H.P-1..B.
Nate Mcmaster Westminster R.H.P.
Kolin Mcmillien Mercy Hurst S.S.
Brian Sanders Mercy hurst S.S.
Matt Carpernter Ohio St. S.S.
Tony Pierce Mercy Hurst 3.B.
Scott Francesangelo Ohio Univ O.F.
Alex Alders Wright St. O.F.
Nick Cappelo Miami Univ O.F.
Kendall Pleasant Miami univ O.F.
Tim Stacey Youngstown St. I.B.-O.F.
Austin Farber Mount Union C
Jacob Carpenter JUCO C

Hall of Fame Players 1996-2016

Dream Team 3 College Position
Tim Shuab Akron R.H.P.-2.B.
Ryan Moss Ohio Westalyn L.H.P.
Justin Cronin R.H.P.
Troy Johnson Malone L.H.P.
Brian Keeney Fordham R.H.P-S.S.
Jason Evrdyli Ohio Univ R.H.P.
Neil Strebler Arizona Ju co L.H.P.
Chandler Waszak Miami Univ L.H.P.
Micheal Poole Tri-C S.S.-P
Jono Chafe Kenyon 2.B.-P
Sam Lafainte Ohio Domican S.S.
Andy Mitroff Ohio Domiican 1.B.
Brandon Dimm Baldwin Wallace O.F.
Matt Echan Dayton O.F.
Justin Parker O.F.
Joel Yeagley Mercy Hurst O.F.
Antony Eder Balwin Wallace C
Tim Williams C

Top 5 Teams

#1-2008- So many D-1 Players, had a tourney record of 35-0 this year, stars all over the place. This team was so good it will be hard for any team to top them, guys like Ross Kivett, Casey Wilson, Dan Ward who lead the way. Pitchers like Neil Butara, Justin Jamsion, Pat Shedlock, Drew Danko, Tyler Newhart who all went D-1, Let alone the unsung hero's, like Tim Shaub, Nick Capello who also ended up playing at a high level. Great chemistry and great talent, makes them the best of the best of the Diamond Boys Teams.

2002- #2

2013- #3